Saturday, 14 November 2015

Throwing A Sickie

I've had a few days off from betting as I have been really ill (man flu) but back today as normal I have tried to not look at any results as you can always guarantee when you don't place bets there are winners to be misses as a whole don't know too many results one result that was a blow was a email from Overpriced Tipster landing a back to back winner which was a real kick in the teeth after there poor run of form but nothing I can do.

There is one change going forward as well I have decided to stop following the bets from Sporting Life Football there are a couple of reasons one is the time to place some of there bets aren't always great for me and also sometime struggling to get the odds the advice can be a struggle as they use every bookmaker known to man so going to remove the service for now.

Be back in the morning with a full update on Saturdays results


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